A Montanha presents Vitrine, an exhibition by Jorge Santos with five elements – a curtain, a
folding screen, a painting and a video -, which, all together form an installation.
As in previous works, Santos is attracted by and selects a thematic form, which he then
explores, developing variations around it. This time the form is the grid of a shop window,
which serves as protection and security, but also allows one to see the inside of the space
it protects, but in a conditioned way, hiding parts. However, Santos’s interest is not only in
the form itself, but also in the shapes created by the light – natural and artificial – shining
through the grid, into this ‘protected’ space.

The artist invites us to enter the space from which we were initially excluded, in an act of
seduction, creating a relationship that is pictorial and two-dimensional, in which we are
observers, or more physical and sculptural, in which we can be involved.
Therefore, the window acts as intersection and interstice, it separates and joins, between
the inside and the outside. This encounter generates a third space, third because it is not
only an interior, but an interior conditioned by external light, and by the forms affecting it.